Each and every document scanned will be taken with our utmost ability to secure and protect confidential information of all our clients. Whether it be medical or non-medical, steps will be taken to protect each document imaged by JS Scanning Services AK. We have built this business around HIIPA compliance and also the same type of security for our non-medical clients.


Phone: 907-351-7805


  • All scanned images will be stored securely into servers in *locked* cages.
  • Our internal computer network will NEVER be connected to the internet, thus preventing outside hackers from breaching your documents.
  • 24 hour camera surveillance.
  • Double pass-through door security


Mission Statement

JS Scanning Services AK realizes the importance of document management and ease of access of those documents in order to run a more effecient business.


Contact Information and Hours

Mon - Sat 8am - 6pm
Sun - Closed